Tips to Improve golf Swing

Golf game is all about swings and better you are at it the better you are at winning games. For newbies in the golf it quite hard to hit the ball into the hole but if you are good with the swinging techniques you will rule the course from the very initial stage of golf playing. In this post we will cover all the basic techniques which are help full for the newbie golfers.

You can also go for several golf magazines available in the market which will teach you from very first step of golfing for a newbie to what techniques the pro golfers use, the magazines do come with very neat images and make it very easy learning the techniques.


If all those option don’t work, you can take the help of a friend who play golf. He may provide you lot of golf swing instruction

s. You can also get some real idea to enhance your skill in the game. If this option does not work, then go to any community college; the instructor of the college will provide you instructions regarding golf swing.

Use your Body power

The power to swing the ball doesn’t comes from the arms rather it comes from the body and every pro golfer knows that. When you are about to hit the ball with the club keep your body behind the wall and make it rock solid, don’t keep your body in swinging position, more tough the body, more tough the shot and then take sure shot and see how to get close to the hole.

Keep the Hands low

The more your hand is high more are the chances of ball going low and if you keep your hands low you ball will fly in the air like anything and not just before you take the shot, even after taking the shot do remember to keep the club hand low and stop them at a low point, it increases the chances of a long shot.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Players should stop the clubface from closing too soon. To do this, adopt a thumbs-down approach to impact. Keep your thumbs down the club and keep them closed and stiff. This technique helps you in swinging the shot to the desired direction, light and free hand will give you the wrong shot, swinging your shot to the undesired directions.

Practice the gripping

Holding the grip properly is the most important step and no tricky step. Before you set out to play golf, get a great golf travel bag, try holding the golf properly in your hand and just go with those clubs which don’t actually slip from your hands.

golf travel bag

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